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Claudiu Murgan was born in Romania and has called Canada home since 1997. He is a graduate of the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest and during his university years he was involved in the Romanian fandom, writing and organizing local events. He also participated at Science-Fiction conventions in both Europe and North America, meeting contemporary writers with the utmost impact on this genre.

He received several awards for his short stories and novellas that were published in SF Journal and Science & Technology Magazine.

Claudiu was a member of the Friends of the Merril Collection in Toronto, organizing the first Science-Fiction art show in the association's history.

“The Decadence of Our Souls” is his first novel, highlighting his belief in a potentially better world if the meanings of Love, Gratitude and Empathy could be understood by all of our brothers and sisters.


Interview on Liquid Lunch Show

on July 25, 2018
interview by - Liquid Lunch show

The interview broadcasted on OMNI TV was taken at the launch of "The Decadence of Our Souls"

on Sept 17, 2017
at Chapters-Indigo,
Richmond Hill, Ontario.


Interview about "Water Entanglement"

on Nov. 02, 2018
Motherhood Moment blog

“A Day in the Life” of Claudiu Murgan - profile on Toronto Guardian

on Sept 26, 2018
interview by Joel Levy

When Water Entangles - Continuation

on Sept 24, 2018
interview by Nina Munteanu
Blog by Nina Munteanu -

When Water Entangles

on July 15, 2018
interview by Nina Munteanu




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