I was not sure if I should self-publish or take the traditional route of finding an agent who will shop the books to numerous publishers, which then, would take me through an arduous process that might involve changing the title, major sections in the book and even the cover. I was not ready to wait two to three years to see the end product released. It took me one week of consistent research to select the right team that will pull everything together. The inside formatting was done by a Bangkok-based company; the cover design by a friend in Toronto; the printing, distribution and the eBook conversions by US-based companies; and the web site by a team in Romania. This is an amazing feat for me since I knew close to nothing about self-publishing a week before. So, as advice goes, write a good book, then there are numerous ways to bring it to the market. And on top of that, you control the process 100% of the time. Until next time, with Love & Gratitude, Claudiu