In fact, the question “What can I do differently today to become a better person and exemplify the concepts of Love and Gratitude, the concepts that are mentioned countlessly in ancient religious and spiritual tomes?” is reiterated by an anxious mind that rarely finds a corner of solitude in today’s craziness.

Think of what we can give up in our lives so that we can make space for what should be the most important activity of a daily schedule: introspection. In ninety percent of cases, our Tuesday is a carbon copy of our Monday and our Wednesday is a carbon copy of our Tuesday and so on and so forth. Breaking this cycle requires a strong will and constant determination on the path of self-realization.

So why is introspection important? Is it part of a measuring scale that we use to compare against ourselves and not with anyone else? Are we afraid to perform such a relatively easy exercise during which we have to honestly weigh our daily actions and make the necessary changes in case our self-imposed standards of correctness and compassion are not met?

Admitting our weaknesses is a sign of strength. Acting on the decisions we take at the end of the introspection process is determination.

For those tough enough and able to handle “scary concepts” such as meditation and praying, I suggest you integrate them into your schedule as well.  Embracing this approach will definitely have long-term benefits on the path to becoming a better human being.

“The Decadence of Our Souls” gives hints of my thinking on this matter. If you don’t have the patience to read the entire book, just try reading the teachings at the start of each chapter.


Love and Gratitude,