What do we know about water?
The basic information we learn about water in our formative years refers to her three main phases (liquid, gaseous and solid), the processes of the water cycle (evaporation, condensation, sublimation, precipitation, transpiration, runoff, infiltration); the scarcity of her resources; and that we are seventy percent made of water.
But water hides from us many of her qualities and facets. With help of upgraded scientific equipment, research has revealed more than sixty ‘anomalous‘ (unexpected/unexplained) properties of water (e.g. highest surface tension of any liquid, best solvent on earth, defies gravity when travels up a tree's trunks, cohesion allows water to pull together and form droplets, expands rather than contracts when freezing). Structured water defies physics through her chameleonic behavior.

Does water have memory?
In the 1990s, being an original thinker, Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, after being introduced to the concept of micro cluster water, had the brilliant idea to freeze water molecules and study them under the microscope. He tried tap water, river water, and lake water, creating in time a pattern of the water quality based on the location of the sample. He uncovered the fact that water responds to stress, similarly to humans. A molecule collected from a river that flows in a natural setting displays a beautiful hexagonal shape while one from the tap water, which went through the filtration process and kilometers of metal piping, had a twisted and even muddy shape.
These visible and troubling differences in water’s behavior made Emoto realize how receptive and sensible water is. He went a step forward, applying more sensorial stimuli. Positive words, playing good music, and offering prayers created fully formed crystal shapes. It was “happy and healthy water." Opposite situations generated “sick water."
The resulting images are an indomitable proof that water has memory. She retains the vibratory messages happening around her either in a natural setting or not. How does she preserve this type of information? No one knows with certainty.
The 1990s was also the time when a Nobel Prize was awarded for work related to structured water involving cellular communication and DNA integrity. The Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling, also reached the conclusion that ‘water changes its structure of molecular arrangements in order to encode, transmit and integrate new information.’
In all sacred texts water plays an important role. Priests, healers, and shamans of all religions and spiritual convictions have used water in their rituals for time immemorial. They had innate knowledge and intuition about water’s storage and healing properties that no other substance on earth has – a substance that’s crucial to our very existence.
These highly spiritual individuals knew that their prayers, chants and blessings would be captured by water, implicitly transferred into a medium with unlimited storing capacity, no memory glitches and a lifespan that would surpass that of humanity.
There are many records of healing properties of water, sampled from locations deemed sacred (i.e. Lourdes, France).
If water is the primordial element of creation, the initial sequence that sparked life in the first place should already be embedded into her molecule. So why would water hold onto a pattern that represents humanity’s history? Is she our potential guiding system, our silent teacher in case a reset and a new evolutionary process takes place due to our self-eradication? Will she force us -- or nudge us gently – to avoid the same mistakes we’ve been making, while patting ourselves on the back at how smart we are? We don’t know for sure and probably we are really afraid to find out. In that moment of truth humans would look small and insignificant.

How does coherence & entanglement apply to water?
Like most living systems, water displays a high degree of coherence which can be seen when water pulls together to form droplets. Our health is good when there is coherence between our internal organs and the overall energy we exude. When the balance is broken due to a specific illness, the coherence dwindles and there is additional strain on the other organs. Because we are made of water, the lack of coherence or synchronicity of such structured water molecules adds to the body’s imbalance.

“Both liquid and solid crystal patterns vary in their mathematical geometries and symmetries, and these geometric patterns are expressions of the energetic information they contain,” states Dr. Carly Nuday in her book, Water Codes.
In other words, water’s specific crystal structure determines the properties and the abilities to store and transmit information in an efficient way.
In quantum physics, entangled particles remain connected so that actions performed on one affect the other, even when separated by great distances. For water, the following experiment related to homeopathy could summarize both the entanglement process and the memorization property: solutions of organic materials such as plants, diluted to the point where only water remains and none of the original matter, are used as remedy with the same effects as the remedy itself. Science can't yet explain what retaining process water is using to mimic the initial properties.

How can one scientifically explain the following contradiction: it is a well-known fact that the Ganges River is highly polluted (maybe not on its entirety, but most of it) but the shape of its water molecule is a well-defined hexagon. How do you explain that the cholera bacteria (bacteriophages) wouldn’t survive in this water? Is this a self-cleansing process? It could be. At the same time is an evolving process; water tries hard to adapt to its surroundings and to what has been poured into her.
In her book Sea Sick, the Canadian author Alanna Mitchell, paints a sombre health condition of the oceans. Despite a desperate attempt to keep its marine life safe, the oceans, overwhelmed with pollutants, plastic and chemical residues, cannot adjust its molecular structure in a timely fashion. But like any other living organism, it tries to overcome such man-made changes.

Over thousands of years, we have given oceans different names for cartographic purposes and easier traveling. Are they different from each other or is there one body of water always connected, always moving and vibrating, always aware of the earth's electromagnetic pulls and pushes, always taking shape as a storm, tsunami, hurricane, et cetera? A common example of such water movement is AMOC (Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation), a zonally-integrated component of surface and deep currents in the Atlantic Ocean.

In Water Entanglement, a speculative fiction novel, I take the concept of ‘one body of water’ that constantly communicates and changes structure no matter the location, to the next level, turning water into a substance that is aware of herself and the environment around her.

Closing remarks
Isn’t water considered the primordial environment for life creation? If that’s the case, it means she was embedded with the genetic sequence that burst timidly at the beginning into basic elements, and then evolved forcefully into what we are today. Water has witnessed Life's process on this planet in its full splendor for billions of years.

In my opinion, the cycle of water in nature is not only a process through which water offers the primary element for earth’s survival, but also a teaching mechanism for water herself. She learns about us. The good, the bad and the ugly, as we all have a bit of each in our lives. It’s just a matter of time until water, consciously awakened by the harsh treatment she’s enduring from us, will unleash similarly severe measures as a defence system. At that point it won’t be fiction anymore but a crude reality that we denied to acknowledge for so long.
Do we need to develop a language through which we should understand water? Could this language unlock answers humanity has always yearned to find? Is this language going to be an achievement of this century or will we need more spiritually developed humans for such triumph? Only time will tell.

If we want to understand water, we have to start by shifting our mentality from the concept that she is a COMMODITY. Water is life and we should consider her precious and dear to us. Treat her like our own child. Show Respect, Love and Gratitude to an entity whose age and knowledge is beyond comprehension. Aren’t we taught to respect our elders? WATER is our eldest elder. Show reverence to her and others will follow suit.

Love and Gratitude to all on behalf of WATER,