I know, it’s another strange title like the one I used for my first book, The Decadence of Our Souls. Maybe it’s an obsession I have with how we can better ourselves and escape the deep valley of sorrow we find ourselves in right now? I think the sooner one understands that they are a spiritual being trapped in a temporary physical form, the struggle and the restlessness to identify that intangible, pure energy inside is something that comes up again and again.

Now that the dust has settled on CanCon’s impressions, I can say with no hesitation that it was worth it. First off, having my son, Theodore, with me meant a lot. It exposed him to what it takes to be an exhibitor: to greet people and engage in a conversation that could potentially end up with a sale. His artwork was greatly appreciated and he received requests to get involved in several projects that would boost his visibility as an artist. Those who bought “The Decadence of Our Souls” also asked him to sign the book, a reason for me to be, once again, very proud of him.

 In my first posting I praised my older son, Theo, for the help he offered while I wrote the book. I think it is time to repay that effort in kind. Shortly after I finished the second draft, he told me that he also wrote a couple of short stories, one fantasy, the other a playful piece about an otherwise mundane daily activity, riding the bus.

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