Let me tell you how everything started, what exactly inspired me to write “The Decadence of Our Souls”. A while back I shared on my FB page a link to Gregory Colbert’s web site (www.gregorycolbert.com).

He’s a renowned Canadian photographer, specializing in wildlife, and in particular, elephants. I think there is a sensitivity, a subtle link, between Gregory and these magnificent and highly intelligent creatures.    

     I happened to receive in the mail one of his photographs from the Ash & Snow exhibition, portraying a kneeling child reading from a book to an elephant that was also kneeling on barren land. It was that perceived quietness between the two of them that ignited my imagination; the beast’s sheer power reduced to a manageable level by a story either said out loud or mentally transmitted.

     If you haven’t had the chance to visit the site yet, please do it. Your soul will be enriched with Love and Gratitude, concepts I bring forward so often in the book. I challenge you to start your day not by reading the news alerts on your phone or tablet, but by looking at these soul-touching photos of a perfect symbiosis between humans and animals. The balance you see in those images is the balance we should all aim for both inside and outside ourselves. Whether we want to admit it or not, nature was always better than us at keeping its own equilibrium, adapting swiftly, but embracing all its cells in this perpetual renewal. Humans don’t do that. We aggressively adapt to an environment, which, if it even for a moment goes against our desires, needs and wishes, we consider it dangerous or hostile, and immediately tough measures have to be taken to tame it.

     So, once again, make Gregory’s web site your default browser page to keep your sanity intact, and continue the process of becoming a better human being. Your comments and shares will be much appreciated. Until next time, with Love & Gratitude, Claudiu