Now that the dust has settled on CanCon’s impressions, I can say with no hesitation that it was worth it. First off, having my son, Theodore, with me meant a lot. It exposed him to what it takes to be an exhibitor: to greet people and engage in a conversation that could potentially end up with a sale. His artwork was greatly appreciated and he received requests to get involved in several projects that would boost his visibility as an artist. Those who bought “The Decadence of Our Souls” also asked him to sign the book, a reason for me to be, once again, very proud of him.

Secondly, I reconnected with old acquaintances and friends that didn’t know I write. It was a pleasant surprise for them so they will be rewarded with a good read. There were two and a half days packaged with interesting panels at which consecrated writers shared from their experience: Julie Czerneda, Rob Sawyer, Charles de Lint, Eric Choi and many more. Even if the convention is not a big one, it has character and substance and gave me enough local coverage to create a certain level of expectation for next year. Until next time, with Love and Gratitude, Claudiu