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Claudiu Murgan was born in Romania and has called Canada home since 1997. He is a graduate of the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest and during his university years he was involved in the Romanian fandom, writing and organizing local events. He also participated at Science-Fiction conventions in both Europe and North America, meeting contemporary writers with the utmost impact on this genre.

He received several awards for his short stories and novellas that were published in SF Journal and Science & Technology Magazine.

Claudiu was a member of the Friends of the Merril Collection in Toronto, organizing the first Science-Fiction art show in the association's history.

“The Decadence of Our Souls” is his first novel, highlighting his belief in a potentially better world if the meanings of Love, Gratitude and Empathy could be understood by all of our brothers and sisters.


11 years old

started to read SF

I started to read Science-Fiction and listen to the only radio show in Romania covering this genre

13 years old

started to write SF

I started to write poetry and Science-Fiction

19 years old

joined the first SF club

I joined the Science-Fiction club, STRING, in Bucharest, Romania

20 years old

"Impossible to Forget the Past"

Earned first prize for Novella " Impossible to Forget the Past " - Shock Magazine

22 years old

"The Wilderness of Truth"

First prize for Novella " The Wilderness of Truth " - National SF Convention

23 years old

published several short stories

I published several short stories in SF Journal and Science & Technology Magazine

27 years old

I immigrated to Canada

I immigrated to Canada and joined The Friends of Merril Collection, Toronto

27 to 45-years old

In between 27 and 45 Years old, life happened

I had the opportunity to observe it and learn from it.

47 years old

"The Decadence of Our Souls"

The sparkle of imagination ignited in me again and " The Decadence of Our Souls " is the result of that

48 years old

"Water Entanglement"

A story about water and crystals and their weaved path in human history

My Latest Books

Water Entanglement

Water Entanglement

Humanity has lost its way in dealing with nature and especially with its most important element, water. Awakened by the abusive way it has …

The Decadence of Our Souls

The Decadence of Our Souls

When a pure soul is touched by decadence… The boy Rakash and his mentor, Otan the elephant, lived a gentle life of enlightenment in a jungle …


I invite you to join me on the events listed below ...

Aug 14 - 16, 2020 - When Worlds Collide - Calgary…

When Words Collide is a festival for readers, writers, artists and publishers of commercial and literary fiction, including genre, YA, children's books, and poetry. It will my second participation.

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August, 2020 (exact date and location TBA) - 'Crys…

This is the official launch of my new book, Crystal Cloud.

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March 21, 2020 - Toronto Book Expo

I'll be attending this event at the Toronto Public Library (789 Yonge Street - Bram and Bluma Appel Salon) between 10:00AM - 5:00PM.

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September 22, 2019 - Word on the Street, Toronto

My second participation at this one-day event that takes place in Downtown Toronto at HarbourFront. Come by and say Hi.

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May 11, 2019 - Launching the workshop 'Refocus a P…

I'll be starting something new in my life: public speaking. This workshop is based on my book, 'The Decadence of Our Souls' and highlights four steps to identify and remove...

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May 4, 2019 - Empower Your Business! Networking Ev…

I'll be a guest speaker at this event, talking about my books and the experience of being a writer. Join me at 430-2000 Argentia Road, Plaza 1, Mississauga, ON, L5N...

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Oct 25 - 27, 2019 - Igniting Souls Conference, Col…

Last year was so packed with events and amazing speakers that I have to attend this year as

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August 9 - 11, 2019 - When Worlds Collide - Calgar…

When Words Collide is a festival for readers, writers, artists and publishers of commercial and literary fiction, including genre, YA, children's books, and poetry. Theo and I will be...

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"The socio-economic limits that humanity has if it does not understand the difference between " The pleasure of living" and "The joy of living in harmony with the laws of Nature" are becoming increasingly obvious. The role of Man is more and more coherent as a thinking being, as a "retort" in which the conscious reflection of Creation is synthesized, making it possible, from a certain level of spiritual development, to perceive the Creator. This true metamorphosis that mankind crosses is basically the subject of the wonderful novel, "The decadence of our souls." In an exciting and elegant style, Claudiu Murgan tells us the story of expanding the consciousness and awakening of the soul of the inhabitants in two very different worlds. I do not think this book is just a wonderful story but a manifesto, an invitation to a concrete involvement of many of us in the preparation for the transition to a new dimension, a Spiritual one. "

"From the predatory jungles to the brothels of Laeta and techno-obsessed laboratories of Korobat, Claudiu Murgan’s fable about enlightenment is a compelling analysis of humanity’s search for meaning. This dichotomous tale of animal wisdom and human decadence will have you asking that meaningful question and wondering what is possible."

"Claudiu Murgan's novel, "The Decadence of Our Souls", leaves one in a state of longing for all that have been lost when coming into this world, a longing that as we live on grows stronger or fades to shadows but never disappears. Rakash's fate is somewhat predetermined by the places he is in at any certain given time and by the people he is bound to come into contact with. From the heavenly community of the archetypal "child-elephant" character, from where he is abducted, to the community of pleasure and materialism and then to the scientifically driven society, Rakash wanders losing more and more of his true self. Life in itself, depicted in the novel like an elephant, with whom Rakash has a mental connection, offers the gifts of knowledge and enlightenment only to the child archetype, and only to the chosen ones. "

Dr. Florin Munteanu author of
“ Seeds for Another World ”
Nina Munteanu author of
" Water Is…"


Interview on Liquid Lunch Show

on July 25, 2018
interview by - Liquid Lunch show

The interview broadcasted on OMNI TV was taken at the launch of "The Decadence of Our Souls"

on Sept 17, 2017
at Chapters-Indigo,
Richmond Hill, Ontario.


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