Claudiu is the host of the Spiritually Inspired weekly video show. He interviews people that already experienced a turning point on their spiritual path. Claudiu creates an environment where people open up, vibrate with love, gratitude and compassion.

Did you know that there is a big Indian on top of Mt. Rainier in Washington state? Have you had the chance to spend time with Terence McKenna? Listen to some amazing insights.
Do you know of anyone who swam with the whales in the Atlantic or spent two years in a cave in India? Estelle did all this and much more.
Learn more about Transpersonal Empowerment psychology, Innocence, and how to hold space for others.
A former lawyer turned author, yoga teacher, and spiritual coach. Listen to a story weaved through magical water and Divine Macroverses.
A former monk explains what attracted him to the monastic order and what determined him to return to the tumultous society ten years later.
Learn what it took an extreme microbiologist turned professional adventurer, to climb three volcanos in Bali in eighteen hours.
A naturopathic doctor explains how Intentional Acts of Gratitude could change our lifes. He also provides practical advise to stay healthy.
Is the ego our main personal adversary on the path to enlightment? Learn how the Humanity's Team impacting the world.
Find out what a Spiritual Business Coach does. How plant medicine can help you get a clear picture of your life's path.
How to improve the odds of your daily life by using astrology. What will characterize the 2020-2024 period?
Do you think you know what Magic is? David talks about witnessing over 222 miracles, synchronicities and Siddhis of rapid healing.
Find out how a shy catholic girl became a Woman's Leader in the Soka Gakkai Buddhist organization, an energy healer, and an author.
Find out how a musician transitioned to the pyrotechnics industry, while studying the world's religions and his inner-self.
Could psychedelics be the answer to our addictions? Are we capable to reach an elevated state of consciousness?
Ian almost died in an ashram in India, unveiled a previous life as a Shaman in 18th century, and achieved Zen mastery. Listen on how these spiritual practices waved into his life.
Carol had her first spiritual transformation during the 1987 Harmonic Convergence. In our interview we talked about her contact with Beings from Sirius, and what's coming next for humankind.
Did you know that there are Nine Waves of Creation? Do you know why altered states of consciousness exist? All is explained in The Quantum Science of Psychedelics.
An M.D., Yvonne talks about how she survived five Near-Death-Experiences and how it influenced her life.


Can the educational system be transformed to benefit our chidren? How 'spiritually indifferent' are the new generations?
Find out how a high-paid fashion photographer realized that life is more than glitz and perfect bodies.
Can a saami shaman stop a storm? Can an airport be managed optimally after the shaman obtained permission from the spirits of the land?
Can a Near-Death-Experience change the course of one's life and turn it into an author, shaman, and artist? Howard explains how it happened for him.
Can a move from corporate America to a village in Tanzania change anyone's life in the positive direction? Chris shares his story of spiritual development.
Why a former VP of an international entertainment company leave a high paid job to become a psychic, an energy healer, and a spiritual journey guide? This was Matt's calling.
Michael Thornhill had hit rock bottom and only a trip to Peru saved him. He co-founded Casa Galactica, a retreat where plant medicine is administered in a safe environment.
From the mysterious Occitan region in France, Anaiya tells us about the Fierce Feminine Rising and the sacredness of the Womb. We also touched on the power of Mary Magdalene.
What is ego death and how do we release our fear of the unknown, so we rejoin a larger whole? What is this sense of the sacred into the larger bandwidth of planetary consciousness?
Jeff explains about the medicinal mushrooms, how to choose the right mushroom supplement, and about the benefits of psychedelic mushrooms.
Find out the truth about Yeshua and Mary Magdalen and what are the daily practices for spiritual evolution.
Do you know how to deal with personal Dragons and how to bring the Women of the Wise Earth into your life?


Learn how Zach was shaped by the influence of two of the most remarkable people involved in the spiritual and psychedelics movements in the 70s and 80s.
Find out how an executive in the healthcare industry in Washington, D.C., became a nun in the Himalayas; and how her relationship with God, Jesus, and Buddha saved her.
Born in Cameroon, Marie received her shamanic initiation at age 14. Listen to this interesting story about colonization, magic, and eboga.


Surrounded by a magic grandmother and a intuitive mother, Susan has developed herself into a blessed clairvoyant. Listen to her amazing life journey.
On the 2nd interview with Jason, we went deeper into the 'Letter that Move tthe World.'
Jonathan talks about how he gave up a successful career as a Broadway actor and turned shaman and energy healer. Hawaiian's Huna is what he is fond of.
Mally had the chance to experience deep indigenous knowledge and be allowed to use it. She played the crystal bowls for us.
How an amazingly talented singer overcame negative habits by letting God guide her path daily.
Returning from a month-long jungle experience, Giselle share with us what she learns, and how music changed her life.
Can someone survive a stage 4 lymphoma health challenge by simply changing the way one perceives herself and the world around her? Beth did that with great success.
Before finding his own spiritual path and calling, Kenji was homeless, bankrupt, went through a divorce, but never lost his faith in God. Listen to his story.
In her book, 'How Do You Pray?' Celeste interviewed a significant number of personalities about the meaning of prayer in their life. Insightful and present.
Overcoming a troubling childhood and a PTSD condition, Ashta-deb uses her intuitive awareness to help others improve their lives.
Carol shares how she became a ritualist in evolutionary spirituality, and how running Gaia Centre for Eco-Spirituality and Sustainable Work changed her life.
Meghan is an itinerant being, helping women and communities with their spiritual evolution. From New Zealand to the USA, from Australia to Ireland, she is fulfilling her life's purpose.
Michael tells the story of how a trip to the Himalayas became a life-changing event by not only meeting Karma (a real person), but enhancing his inner journey.
Plant medicine saved Carlos' life and aligned him with his true self. Ayahuasca Foundation's mission is to give purpose in a chaotic world.
Marie talks about her battle with cancer, the journey of practicing yoga, and how she overcame the fear of being herself.


Receive a message from the whales and find out how it is to meditate in the pyramids of Egypt.
Sergio talks about the ancestral trauma, the differences between the Mayan, Aztec, and Toltec cultures, and important upcoming dates in humanity's history.
Itzhak trained with shamans in Peru and Ecuador and gathered a wealth of knowledge that he has been sharing with others for the last 25 years.


Do you know that water has memory and can retain our thoghts and feelings? Michiko tells us about her journey beside Dr. Emoto.
Isis describes her childhood on the island of Guam, and her transition to become an Oracle.
Up to now, Wade morphed from an ethnographer into an author, from a filmmaker into an ambassador of indigenous peoples, and his life story still unfolds with amazing experiences.
Lynette shares how to live a balanced life through positive thinking, healthy food, love for those around us, while keeping a good footing in the financial world.
Trauma and drug abuse pushed Margo to the limits of human suffering. Ice climbing was the light that shined through the darkness and brought her back.
Can psychokinesis be scientifically proven? Can we contact the spirits from the Other World? Dr. Gallenberger answers all these questions.


A digital nomad, Lorna has travelled the world and discovered herself in the process. She experienced plant medicine and Amazonian life style.
A seer, oracle, anthropologist, Elizabeth trained with the shamans of Ecuador, learning how to travel through time and space.She also offers free remote healing.
What is the Transformocene Age? What is the connection between consciousness and conscience? Has humanity lost its ethical compass? Dr. Collins answers all these questions.
Is it possible to remember an NDE experience at the age of two? Can one be a scientist while deep involved on a spiritual path? Ingrid talks about all this and more.
Do you know how to treat PTSD? Can astral projections help improve your life? Debunking the term 'magik.'
Do you want to know more about paranormal phenomena, UFOs, NDEs, and OBEs? Listen to the passionate Rey, a former atheist.
Find out how extensive exposure to various cultures shaped Leanora's spiritual journey. She created Embodied Truth to help others discover themselves.
Listen to a different perspective on Mary Shelley's writings and how the eco-anxiety affects us all. Bryn is the organizer of the global forum "Redesigning Our World.'
Find out amazing stories about growing in a Japanese community. Masami had her share of challenges when did not listen to the message the Universe sent her.
Find out about the Fathers and Mothers of the desert, the difference between religion and spirituality, and how to inner connect with God.


Can one merge with a butterfly? Learn how energetic resonance can heal your physical unbalances.
Can working the land can save ones live? Is time a notion we can perceive only linear? Flowing River has an interesting journey.
Do you know how to deal with dark energies? Have you healed yourself? Tracy did both, successfully.
Listen to Asil's experience of being contacted by angelic beings and how he prepared physically and mentally to communite their message.
A Canadian moved to Australia, Nicola has discovered her full spiritual potential and never looked back.
Randy brings a new perspective to the indigenous theology and how it can work with Christianity.
Bayo talks about the myths and rituals of Africa, about his desire to fly to the moon, and the transformation he went through when his daughter was born.
Marina is a channel for the Council of 9 and Beings from the 11th Dimension. She talks about the Harmonic Reactor, Nano technologies, and much more.
Kylie explains how the climate change is a global human crisis and how the Australian indigenous people struggle to adapt.


Dan talks about his experience with the medical system in Canada during a moment of self-realization.
Benjamin runs a transdisciplinary research and education platform pioneering a holistic approach to sustainability through human solutions.
Dr. Connie explains how to turn into an Elder while becoming older. Challenging ideas, interesting books.
Author of two important books, American Vedas and The Life of Yogananda, Philip reveals his experience with Transcendental Meditation.
Lucia's exploration of consciousness has spanned 50 years. She is an ordained Buddhist monk and has a classical spiritual background.
Benjamin talked about his journey through “insanity” and what he understood about mental illness and spiritual emergencies following it..
Rainey shares what a 'walk-in soul' is, how she found her soul family, and why is important to continue on the spiritual path.
Victoria talks about her spiritual connection with nature, why the clergy was not satisfying enough, and what should we do to get closer to Divinity.
Peter talks about his latest book, Letting Go of Nothing, the perception of ego, his time with Maharishi in India and much more.
Dr. Cleveland talks about how the Black Madonna spiritual journey in France gave her wholeness, and other life trials.
Jamie & Michael talk about their new programs addressing trauma, inner discovery, our relation with Divinity, and much more.
Bree is trained in the area of somatics, eating disorders, addiction and trauma. She shares her experience in a time when her skills are needed the most.
Kimba talks about her understanding of sound, the OM vibration, and her passion playing the Didjeridu.


Lisa talks about her motivation to write 'The Wild Land Within,' and how she sensed the Divine calling her.
Jasmuheen, with help from intergalactic beings, created the Embassy of Peace. Her life story is fascinating.
Susan talks about how she dealt with the loss of her child, and how she turned into an intuitive and an expert in human energy.
Lua talks about her addiction to drugs, what new generations should focus on, and how plant medicine turned her into this beautiful being that cares for humanity.
Cristiana reveals how she embraced the concept of being fed by prana and how she succeeded putting together a group of renowned scientists to further the research on prana.
Lucas talks about his motivation to create Neurohue, a VR device that would help people improve their health.


Simona talks about her spiritual upbringing into a very dogmatic environment, the state of the church as institution, and about her practice.
Rukmini describes her experience at the Sivananda Ashram Retreat Bahamas and talks about the teachings of Bhagavad Gita.
Zofia remembers her struggle with Lyme Disease and how praying to God opened a path she never walked on.
Fredric shares some unusual experiences which involved his spiritual guides, and talks about the future of Nomad University.
Craft Your Genius Life program and astrology is what Howard shares with us in this interview.


Dancing in Iran is forbidden. The feminine movement is on the rise and Banfsheh brings her own contribution to it.
Dr. Alison has practiced as a mind-body energy healer, founding the Vibrational UPgrade System, and working in yoga, meditation, chi gong, and energy medicine.
Tanya shares an amazing story of pain and suffering that through faith and focus turned into a beautiful mind-body healing.


Find out how a former pastor turned author and entrepreneur, ignited 1M souls in the process.


Kat explains how it is to be of Cuban descent in the USA, and talks about religion from the perspective of a Master in Divinity graduate.
Angela talks about her own spiritual journey to the desert and goes deeper into the cacao ceremonies.
Dr. Loken talks about the education and medical systems, his short experience as an expat in Mexico, and more.
Sarah is a skilled crystal practitioner that shares with us how to handle them and expand their potential.
Ronna is a messenger for Archangel Michael. She delivered his messages for almost 40 years through books and public speaking.
Tom is a strong believer in asking for Benevolent Outcomes that helped him and thousands to more forward in their lives.
Thomas shares his spiritual experience with the Mexican shamanism and what determined him to write the 'Politics of Being.'
Susan talks about her transformative experiences while spending time in nature and how her book, Nature Spirits, is a journey in the intangible.
Alain is the Genesis Doctor. He is taking people on shamanic ceremonies and does Mayan Activations.
Peter was touched by Divinity at a low point in his life, and since then, he turned messages from angels in spiritual tools through the Tensor technology.
Gabriela is an introvert that learnt how to find refuge in the spiritual practice, while teaching others to do the same. She shares fascinating stories.
Brenda shares how spiritual practice and alternative medicine saved her life. Fully recovered, she is on a mission to guide others heal themselves.
Amy talks about her health challenges; how we can read and use the Akashic records in our daily life.
Mary shared how she escaped an abusive relationship that turned her towards her real life purpose.
Sue talks about how the loss of her husband when she was only 29, transformed her spiritually.
Rahelio studied astrology, Toltec shamanism, Taoism, and had many incredible spiritual experiences.
NLP expert, Art, talks about how he can help people regain their focus, eliminate pain, and take control over their lives.
As a 24-year army veteran, Kevin talks about his struggle to perform his duties while walking on the spiritual path.
Phillip talks about the unique gifts each of us has, and how we can nurture them to blossom into amazing spiritual capabilities.
Tom and I continue the discussion about the MBOs, free energy technologies, and more.
Monica shares her wonderful moment of enlightenment, how she started to fully love God, and be immersed into a new journey of self-discovery.


Viviane shares her experience with the Arcturian culture and the hardships of being on Earth.


Emma gives us hints about how to start our own journey with the plant spirits, and shares how rewarding this connection is for her.
Diamond talks about how to heal the inner child, transhumanism, and surrendering to a Higher power.
Acharya Shunya talks about the responsibility of carrying the family lineage and dealing with personal challenges while staying strong on the spiritual path.
Cyndi shares how important is to heal the Inner Child, activate your chakras, and pay attention to your overall spiritual awakening process.
Ismael, author and Galactic Ambassador, talks about his Lyran background, the amazing book he wrote, and several potential outcomes for humanity.
Evelyn is specialized in Norse shamanism. She explains how this practice provided guidance and comfort to the people of ancient times.
Jill Dahne, medical intuitive and prophet, is live. We talked about intuition, her psychic abilities, and some near-future predictions.